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Gifty™ is a Brighton-based online store, specialising in the curation and distribution of a wide selection of hand-picked gifts for anyone, any occasion, in the UK.
















These are our goals which we’ve listed publicly so you can decide whether you wanna get behind us to reach them!
Gifty™ was founded on the back of not only wanting to help people find great gifts, but to have positive impacts on the people and places where they come from and pass through.





1. 195 Countries



Earth has interesting places and talented people all over it! We want to supply at least one gift which fits our values, from every country in the world.

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Gifty™ | Ethical Gifts from 195 Countries



By 2023, Gifty™ plans for at least 90% of its UK delivery vehicles to be electric


2. Oil is Solar-st Year



By 2023, Gifty™ plans for at least 90% of its UK delivery vehicles to be electric. Oil is a finite resource with only bad side-effects. Why use that, when we have a seemingly unlimited source of solar power from that big floating ball in the sky we like to call the Sun. To achieve our goal, we will filter out any couriers we work with who don’t share our vision for a future with less gas emissions.




3. #PlanetOrPlastic



A pledge, pushed originally by National Geographic (and the surge of public interest of decreasing our usage of plastic thanks to the Planet Earth 2 documentary), is something that anyone can join in. Plastic takes over 3000 years to degrade, and while it’s degrading, it’s harming the planet and its inhabitants. We can all help reduce the plastic by opting to not use single-use plastics. Here at Gifty™, we have a real opportunity to affect the planet, which is why you may notice our bio-degradable bubble wrap for packages sent by us. Also, we opt to re-use cardboard boxes when we can… your first thoughts might be that we’re cheap – but it’s actually more expensive for us (it’s a lot more time consuming).






Gifty™ wants to be your No. 1 choice for gifts!


4. Become the go-to place for all your gifting needs



We promise to give our customers the best prices possible while maintaining a healthy margin for the gift creator. We promise to constantly seek to improve our online store experience and overall service. We promise to go above and beyond, in any way we can, to ensure a positive experience.




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