Gifty™ is a UK based online store, specialising in the curation of a wide selection of hand-picked gifts for anyone, any occasion. We place an emphasis on ethical and responsibly sourced gifts in order to maximise the benefits we make on the families and communities where they come from, whether it’s local or worldwide.












Gifty™ was founded on the back of not only wanting to help people find great gifts, but to have positive impacts on the people and places where they come from.





We’ve committed ourselves to source all of the amazing gifts on our store ethically and responsibly, so not only will you be bringing smiles to the people in your world, you’ll be bringing smiles to the people across the world.



Whether it’s a hand crafted gift from a skilled artisan, or a small family-run distribution centre who specialise in kids toys, Gifty™ only works with smaller businesses. Life isn’t a game of Monopoly, which is why we consciously choose to only work with small-to-medium sized companies to maximise the benefits we have on families and communities – and by shopping with Gifty™, you can do the same.







Every gift has its own unique journey, however they all follow one of these paths:



UK Gift




Worldwide Gift




Both solutions have absolute minimal “middle-men”, for 2 reasons: 1. You, the customer, gets the best price. 2. The source of the gift gets a better deal.


This means you get the best prices, while also benefitting from a Fast UK Delivery service. Anywhere in the UK.


Gifty™ bridges the gap between where the gift is created, and where it reaches the end users hands. Our aim is to actually make this “bridge” as small as possible: all gifts are either sent from directly where they’re manufactured, or straight from their UK distribution centre (if they’ve been imported in from abroad). Whether it’s an artisan working from home, to tight knit warehouse teams, to a deserving family-run businesses, we strictly work with small-to-medium sized business whether they’re based in UK or 1 of the 7 continents. You’re always shopping locally, internationally… if that makes sense.


Gifty™ is at the forefront of new technologies, but automated warehouses filled with robots is not our style. We believe everyone should have a level playing field, and we prefer the human touch.





To show the progress in our endeavours mentioned above, we’re creating an interactive map which’ll show you just exactly where and who we (and you!) are helping through the power of gifts.