Want a Free £5? 💲

Gifty™ Free Fiver



Want a Free £5?


Grab yourself £5 off your next Gifty™ purchase, completely on us.









Show us YOUR Gifty™ for a £5 discount!


It’s simple. Take a picture of yourself with a product you purchased from us, and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #thegiftystore









We reply within 24 hours with your unique £5 discount code. So what are you waiting for? Open up that camera and get snapping!





    1. Photos must be of at least reasonable quality: make sure they’re well-lit, show the gift clearly, and preferably have the new owner “posing” with the gift
    2. The gift must of been purchased through www.thegiftystore.com
    3. By sending us a photo, you’re agreeing to Gifty™ being able to use it for marketing purposes only
    4. You are aware that the photo may be shown on the Gifty™ website, any of our social media accounts, or other platforms
    5. Your £5 discount reward is redeemable for any item from Gifty™, with a minimum purchase of £20
    6. Do not allow any other person(s) to be shown in the photo who have not given consent





Alternatively, submit your photo by one of the following methods:


Gifty™ E-mail | hello@thegiftystore.com





DM us on Instagram | @thegiftystore





IM us on Facebook | @thegiftystore