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We’ve made it even easier for you to spread the good word about Gifty™…



Click here to download our Press Kit File which contains Logos, Facts, Supplier Photos and other useful graphics








When publishing information about Gifty™ on your blog, news post, social media or other, please:



– Use the Gifty™ logo to link to our website
– Feel free to mention our values
– Feel free to mention how Gifty™ sources gifts from only small-to-medium sized business’ from around the world, with our goal being to source products from all 195 countries in this manner
– Feel free to mention our Instagram, which has frequent competitions and other feel-good content



– Pretend to be Gifty™ by using our logo or images
– Use our images without referring to Gifty™
– Sell on any Gifty™ logos or images
– Accompany the Gifty™ logo with any slanderous or equally negative connotations in attempt to harm our name





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