Want a Free £5? 💸🤑





Grab yourself £5 off your next Gifty™ purchase completely on us, we just ask for one quick favour…





All we need is for you to send us a photo of the product you purchased from Gifty™ and send it to us! The photo has to be of reasonable quality, and you must of purchased it from us… that’s it!






With “One Happy Customer” as the title, submit your photo by one of the following options:


Gifty™ E-mail | [email protected]





DM us on Instagram | @thegiftystore





IM us on Facebook | @thegiftystore





We will reply within 24 hours with your unique code which will activate the £5 discount.






    1. Photos must be of at least reasonable quality: make sure they’re well-lit, show the gift clearly, and preferably have the new owner “posing” with the gift
    2. The gift must of been purchased through www.thegiftystore.com
    3. By sending us a photo, you’re agreeing to Gifty™ being able to use it for marketing purposes only
    4. You are aware that the photo may be shown on the Gifty™ website, any of our social media accounts, or other platforms
    5. Your £5 discount reward is redeemable for any item from Gifty™, with a minimum purchase of £20
    6. Do not allow any other person(s) to be shown in the photo who have not given consent