Candy Game | 10+ Designs Available


Here’s a delicious twist on conventional board games. Gifty™ brings you the candy-licious version of fifteen different board games and the ultimate reward is the candy that sprouts up on every step. Caution though, you might be tempted to eat the whole game away if your sweet tooth is particularly unmanageable. We’ve got everything from Chocolate Chess to Jelly Belly’s Bean Boozled!

We have 38 items left in stock
  • Chocolate Monopoly
  • Chocolate Scrabble
  • Jelly Belly Bean Boozled
  • Chocolate Connect 4
  • Chocolate Chess
  • Mini Chocolate Scrabble
  • I'm A Celebrity... Bush Tucker Trials
  • Chocolate Twister
  • Mini Chocolate Monopoly
  • Chocolate Trivial Pursuit
  • Chocolate Battleships
  • Chocolate Guess Who
  • Chocolate Dominoes
  • Jumbo Jelly Belly Bean Boozled
  • Chocolate Draughts


1x Candy Game in your chosen design

Combining your favourite games and confectionery to create fun games with simple rules for everyone (especially those with a sweet tooth!)

Prices and contents vary – select an option to view its details

May contain nuts (or traces of)


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