Pair of R/C Battle Tanks

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These miniature tanks have been crafted with care, so they have durable exteriors and the most detailed features. The tanks are ready to go to battle with each other and to make battles fun; they are remote controlled. You and your mate can go to war against each other with these adorable tanks, or you can display them as stationary decoration pieces or do both! These tanks would make the perfect gift for a child too. The pair comes with a deep green power king tank and a camouflage print tank. Grab yours from Gifty™ right now.




1x Desert Camo Battle Tank, 1x Urban Blue Battle Tank, 2x Radio Control Units, 2x Rechargeable Batteries, 1x UK Mains Charger (twin ended to charge both tanks at same time)


  • Infrared Multi Player Battle System
  • Vital Force and power indicator for trackable game play
  • High Quality with rotational turret, scale detail and rubber treads
  • Fully functional control and climbing ability of 30 degrees
  • Realistic driving
  • Audible turret movement, tank advance & tank fire/hit reaction
  • Visual effects include tank explosion, vibration, recoil & Gun fire
  • Dual weapons combat through turret and machine gun fire
  • Vividly simulates the actions of an actual battle tank
  • Equipped with High Gripping Caterpillar Tracks



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