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Shortlisted for Gift Of The Year 2014, these sets make the perfect gift for any lover of cheese.

Who doesn’t love cheese? But there are only a select special people whose love for cheese transcends basic culinary preferences. This one’s going to be the perfect gift for those rare people. The cheese board consists of all the tools you need to manipulate, carve and even serve these delicious pieces of divinity. The board is made up of textured wood and contains a slot for each individual article. The best part?Gifty lets you further personalise it by adding your inscription to the front.

Choose an Option
  • Round Hevea
  • Heart Shaped Hevea
  • Large Hevea
  • Large Bamboo



1x Personalised Cheese Board Set

Sizes and contents vary – select an option to view its details

Simply select your favourite design before getting creative with your own customised text!

All of our cheese board sets are made from the highest quality, sustainably sourced wood. Whether your choice is Hevea or Bamboo, you can be sure they’ve been created with the utmost care and precision

Personalise the board with a phrase or motto, or perhaps somebody’s initials or name for that extra touch – perfect for weddings, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, Christmas and more. Note: If you require an apostrophe i.e. “George’s” then please add it!

Note: Any cheese you see in the photos aren’t included (unfortunately!) and are there for visual purposes only

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