Personalised Colouring Set


Enchant your children or even peers by gifting them this personalized colouring set on their special day. They say colouring is a soothing exercise that helps one reconnects with themselves. It’s also an educational experience and let’s be honest. Its everyone’s favourite past time. This colouring kit consists of joy in all mediums and colours. From markers to water colours, Gifty™’s got you covered. You can add the caption of your own choice too.

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1x Personalised Colouring Set

Massive 63 piece colouring set includes: coloured pencils, markers, pastels, paints, paintbrush, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener

Displayed in a fantastic well-made wooden box with a handle and 2 brass clasps to keep everything safe inside

Personalise with initials and a name in 1 of 5 colour choices – everyone will know who the local artist is!

Size – L: 28cm, H: 21cm, W: 5cm

Note: The words “Colouring Set” appear as standard, however the name you enter will appear exactly how you enter it! If you need “James’s Colouring Set”, please write “James’s” instead of “James”

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