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Secure Payments at Gifty™

Secure Payments



Gifty™ is serious about safety, security and protection at all times.







Recognised Methods



Gifty™ accepts most major debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and soon Bitcoin. To process payments, we use Stripe, one of the safest and most popular methods for exchanging payments in the world.



Click here to find out more about Stripe.






Website Encryption



Secondly, look at our URL. Notice how it’s “https”? This means we’ve added an extra level of security to our site. It’s Encrypted. We won’t go into too much jargon-filled detail here, but it basically means that your protection would NEVER be exposed if any part of our site was hacked.




GDPR Compliance



Lastly, why not check out how we’re complying with the GPDR Legislation?