#WinOurReturns 🎉





As part our Gifty™ Guarantee, we’re giving away all returned gifts in a monthly competition…





Gifty™ Give Back Your Returns


It’s about Gifts



Gifty™ is a gift company through and through. Therefore, we get sad when perfectly good gifts are returned simply because someone doesn’t want them! If, after evaluating a returned gift, it’s clear that it can still be a fantastic gift for someone, then it’s put into special gift pile for that month’s giveaway! It’s giving the gifts a second chance at a new happy life.




Gifty™ Give Back Your Returns


Want to win?



About half way through the month, we release a photo on our Instagram all of the returns deemed worthy to go into the prize-pot. All you have to do is tag a friend and use the hashtag #WinOurReturns, then make sure you’re following our page by the end of the month, as that’s when we’ll randomly select the winner!




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Previous Winners…



31st May 2018 | @rosemarylangs



30th June 2018 | @kylepatz89



31st August 2018 | @dadstergram_